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 The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions

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MessageSujet: The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions   Sam 7 Déc 2013 - 3:19

Au cas où vous ne devineriez pas, cette histoire, écrite par moi :3, est en anglais. Lisez si vous voulez mais je vous préviens: Elle as été écrit pour une amie anglaise elle aussi! Donc il n'y as pas de lexique, hein...

The "Sword" in the stone.

We all heard the story of king arthur and the knights of the round table before. Most of us heard many versions of the "Sword in the stone", but none of those are true.

Did you ever wonder why the famous Excalibur was never found? Well Lucky you, I know the real story of the sword in the stone... And this story goes way beyond king arthur...


Our story begins with a young man we all know and learned to love. Our young orphan is called Arthur. His last name, ripped from him when he was adopted, is of no importance to this story. One day, as our young Arthur is gathering berries for his father in the woods when he was about ten, he found a strange young boy wrapped in a white blanket. When his father came looking for him, with a priest as people back then believed evil spirits roamed their forests, he found himself in a dire situation: His son had found another orphan, whom he couldn't take in due to money problems, and didn't want to let go of him. To add to the problem, the priest had taken in the Orphan... AND ARTHUR!

The priest, being a real man of god, unlike the priests we know nowadays, knew the intentions of the adoptive father, a cruel man who longed for nothing more than money and planned to take all the money Arthur would earn once he’d become a blacksmith, and believe Arthur was worth more. Blaming a fake spirit for taking over poor Arthur, he said Arthur needed to grow up within the church. This of course still let his adoptive father regain control of him when he would turn 18 to choose his master and to steal his belongings once he'd be back into their house at 21. The priest, however, wanted to make Arthur a warrior of the holy church before then. And so Arthur grew up with the mysterious forest kid as a step brother of sorts. The kid, having no belongings on him at the time beside a necklace in the form of a golden crucifix and a ring, was named after the inscription inside the ring, which no one understood much of due to the old language it was written in... No matter, said the priest, and so he named him Ashton Lex.

Ashton and Arthur learned side by side. However, while Arthur was an extremely good fighter, Ashton had a hard time lifting even a simple sword, while Arthur was good at leading men, he wasn't good at increasing their moral enough against impossible odds and was a poor strategist for siege situations. Oddly enough, Ashton always was good at what Arthur wasn't. And so the day they both waited for was nearing: the day of Arthur’s twenty first anniversary and the day of the holy army's recruit’s promotion.
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MessageSujet: Re: The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions   Sam 7 Déc 2013 - 3:20


The boys where awoken by their instructor, yelling as always, while going through the dormitory... Little did they know it was NOT another drill.

On these words, everyone understood how dire the situation was. Ashton and Arthur, being the best team they had even among knights, were appointed to the official leading team... That, however, was a mistake. Arthur, being the best swordsman of the town, had grown a rather big head and decided he would "dodge" war. He told the enemy chief to send only his best men, and he would await them with only 4 men, in the town square. It was with great disbelief that the best 3 knights of Camelot, joined by Arthur and Ashton, watched as over ten powerful mountains of muscles walked their way, all smiling.
Not counting Ashton, who was barely able to hold his shield up, they were 4 knights... Correct that, 3 knights who were so scared they could soil their armor and one over confident knight-to-be, against 12 barbaric warriors all holding two gigantic axes which made even Arthur's bastard-sword look like a piece of some steel colored grass. In under a minute, the battle had started, within 30 seconds, Arthur had lost 2 knights, was in a difficult position and was trying to protect Ashton... One dodge to the left, thrust to the right, one barbarian less. Three steps left to dodge a mortal blow and a kneel to keep his head that where flawlessly changed into large slashes made 4 more barbaric warriors fall to the ground. At that moment, Arthur lost his last knight... He knew then that to win he would need...
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MessageSujet: Re: The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions   Sam 7 Déc 2013 - 3:21


Arthur fought like a lion. A crazy, hopeless, blood covered lion. Seven barbarians now faced him and as he went to strike with his sword... IT BROKE! His sword, the best sword made in all of Camelot, broke! Ashton, not knowing better, decided to protect his brother no matter what. Arthur had saved him from the forest, now he would save Arthur from these barbarians. Not knowing better, he used his body as a barrier in front of Arthur and grabbed the strange stone sword some towns folk had took from the old pedestal in the middle of town. When Arthur's yell for his brother to get out of the way was at its loudest. When everyone despaired and sighed to their loss. When the barbarians' weapons came down upon Ashton Lex, something no one who was there that day would ever forget happened.
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MessageSujet: Re: The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions   Sam 7 Déc 2013 - 3:23


As the barbarians struck down on Ashton, a brilliant light came crashing down from the sky and a shadowy fog came rising from the ground. As the smoke and light disappeared, everyone spotted, where Ashton once was, two young humanoids who had to be around 18 years old. One was a very pretty young girl wearing an outfit that was more than indecent. An armor looking like human bones covering her, her breasts where only hidden behind a small piece of black fabric with gold markings on which two human skulls seemed to take the place of her bra. Her pants where seemingly just as thin and human bones seemed to cover most of her in a macabre armor. Her face, however, was prettier than a sunrise and many men in the audience found themselves being extremely aroused by this young, pretty little "thing". Next to her, however, was a young man in a tattered coat. Wearing all black without the gold decorations of the girl's clothes, the only thing they both had was an earring each that seemed to be the two halves of one bigger jewel. The boy's face was, to the contrary of the female's, crossed by a big scar and half his face seemed to have been burned by the fires of hell themselves. Both raise their arms as a sword appeared out of thin air into their very hands. Moving forward, the girl started the presentations with the barbarians and her silky voice, like honey to the people's ears, kept repeating her words, in the mind of men and woman alike, long after the battle was over.

- My name is Ex

The young man, with an evil looking smirk on his face, continued her sentence. His voice was surprising as well. While everyone expected him to sound like the demon he had the appearance of, his voice was extremely smooth, just like his movements, with just enough arrogance to make him irresistible. Many woman and men alike experienced a strange, beastly arousal as the man spoke.

-And I am Calibur.

As the audience waited for them to continue, the two strangers united their voices in a tone fit of gods.

-And we are here to destroy you.
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MessageSujet: Re: The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions   Sam 7 Déc 2013 - 3:29


The barbarians laughed. They watched eagerly as the two fools neared... Their plan was all made; they'd crush the boy, cut the girl's arms, rape her and then kill her. It would be so easy that everyone would understand their true power... At the moment they started moving, their young opponents had disappeared... The next thing they heard came from behind and as they turned they only saw Ex and Calibur, standing next to each others, doing some kind of ritual while speaking together.

- Target approval completed, Releasing ability sealing systems to level 5, Ability seals lifted for unlimited use, master system engaging, Master target number 1015, ID "A-R-T-H-U-R" beginning system settings. Settings complete, incorporating soul to the Excalibur body system... Soul acquired, Host name Ashton Lex, Hosted weapon Ex fit for duty as codename "QUEEN_OF_BLOOD_CARMILLA" Vampirism system overload engaged. Hosted weapon Calibur fit for duty as codename "LESTAT_ALUCARDO_VON_DRACULO" vampirism system overload engaged. Souls linked, abilities retained. Flames of hell, tears of heaven ability restriction system disengaged for limited use until Master's targets is rendered silent.

During this monologue, everyone froze. The barbarians were starting to be scared and Arthur and the others were almost all looking for Ashton.
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MessageSujet: Re: The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions   Sam 7 Déc 2013 - 3:34


Suddenly, everyone froze... the two young ones began talking but... The man's scars were healing! His face, being healed, revealed to be quite stunningly good looking. The two young ones looked at each others and only then began talking.

-Well well, said Calibur, if it isn't good ol' Carmilla! Never thought I'd see you again.

-Tssk, you know very well that this isn't my original body. I am not Carmilla anymore, Alucard, my name is Ex...

-Yeah yeah, and mine's Calibur I know... Gosh I'm dying to sink my teeth into something...

On those words, Ex smiled and suddenly disappeared from sight. In a second, Ex was cutting a barbarian's neck while Calibur was doing something rather weird. Biting down on a barbarian's neck, the young man seemed to drink... his very blood... Once he was done, he let the dead man slip to the floor and finished off the ones Ex hadn't killed yet.
This battle should have horrified everyone present, but, strangely, they all didn't care for the barbarians. All they could think about was the two young warriors standing before them, and how they would give their lives for a single date with any one of them. The two then moved toward Arthur and, kneeling down, disappeared in a blinding light, leaving a mature looking Ashton in their place, with clothes which looked light yet strong and with a strange earing that seemed to be a part of his body, made up of two strangely familiar looking halves. The stone sword having disappeared, his eyes having switched from green to being red for the left one and blue for the right one, even Arthur took a little time to recognize him.
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MessageSujet: Re: The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions   Sam 7 Déc 2013 - 3:35


Arthur was the first to regain enough composure to talk.

-Ashton? Is that you? Are you alright?

-... I'm fine, Arthur. Actually, I feel better than I ever did.

-But... Wait, where were you? And who were the other two? What were their names again? Ax and Kalybor?

-It's Ex and Calibur. And they are... Well, me. Just like I am them. It's complicated.

On these words, Ashton rose back to his feet, walked towards one of the barbarians, who was wounded but not dead and, to the surprise of everyone, picked up one of the Camelot knights' claymore, pointing it at the barbarian.

-You, how many more of you guys are waiting outside?

-D-D-Demon! You're a DEMOOOON!

-Right, well this "demon" asked a question.

-We got thousands, nay! Hundreds of thousands of men! And priests! Your demon won't always save you Camelot!

On these words, the barbarian took two knives, threw one toward the makeshift scene the king was standing on to watch the fight, and plunged the other in his heart. Both knives struck true. The king fell, and most of Camelot's hopes with it.
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MessageSujet: Re: The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions   Sam 7 Déc 2013 - 3:40



These words rang yet for a while. In Camelot's laws, should the king die and there be no heir to the throne, the most prestigious warrior of the knight academy was to become king. Everyone immediately proposed Ashton Lex, but he refused, and offered his brother as king, pledging to be his "Sword" in all his endeavors, effectively stopping anyone from going against the decision. And such Arthur the nameless was renamed Arthur Pendragon, meaning "Arthur The Paramount King" in the ancient tongues. King Arthur then proceeded to creating "The knights of the round table" an organisation of his best knights, revolving around respect, equality and honor to name but a few of their qualities. The first of his knights was a dear friend of him, they had learned together and were constantly aiming to become stronger and better. Thus, Lancelot Galahad became known as Sir Lancelot Galahad Du Lac.

After this, the knights were chosen and given a place at the table by the king, his newly knighted Lancelot and Ashton was given the place of advisor to the Knights of the Round Table. After addressing the "Ex-Calibur" questions, Ashton remarked on how if the barbarian nations banded together because there was a "demon" inside Camelot, they would need reinforcement. Everyone agreed, but who would help a demon? "Why not another demon?" At these words, everyone turned to Ashton and Arthur asked what everyone was wondering.

-What demon? What are you talking about, Ashton?

-One question at a time, please. Now then, first, I'm talking about who would help a demon. Only another demon would help a demon. Now how do we recruit a demon? Well, using Excalibur's (Due to them being within Ashton's body, it was agreed to join their name as one being when talking about them.) powers, I could open a door to hell's seventh level where the demon's castle is... And we could ask the demon king himself for help.

-THANATOS?!? ARE YOU CRAZY ASHTON? Even if we somehow could get there, Thanatos would just trap us all in hell forever!

On these words, most of the knights agreed, except Lancelot who, together with Ashton, managed to convince the others that, even if they stayed in Camelot, they'd end up dead anyway, might as well try their luck with Thanatos.

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MessageSujet: Re: The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions   Sam 7 Déc 2013 - 3:43


Ashton prepared the strange ceremony to open a door to hell, he had told Arthur that once the door would open, he'd rest and give control over to Ex and Calibur, they knew the plan anyway. Using a black candle's wax to paint a doorway on the wall, he recited a couple lines in a language no one understood and the wall transformed into a doorway to the seventh hell. In a blinding light, Ex and Calibur took over, leaving the knights in a state of awe yet again.

-Come on, Calibur said, we don't have 'till kingdom come!

-Rather funny for you to say that, answered Ex, knowing we're going into hell's kingdom itself.

On these lines, the knights followed Ex and Calibur, whom seemed to be the only ones in the strange delegation to not mind the landscape or temperature of hell. Walking forward for what seemed like an eternity, they finally came up to a castle, where Ex and Calibur killed the guards, blew open the doors and left the knights wondering why they had displayed such violence.



-Somebody knocked? Eheheheh...

Everyone turned to the dark corner the voice came from and they were deeply surprised to find out Thanatos looked... Human. He looked like a young man, with skulls as shoulder guards and an armor seemingly made of bones, like Ex and Calibur's ones, A red cape, purple hair, a huge sword on his back and eyes glowing golden made this particular man look as devilish as handsome.

The knights were so impressed that they couldn't speak a single word. Making Ex and Calibur forced to speak out for the others.

-Yo! Thanatos! We came here t'see you, said Calibur, we got a favor to ask of you.

-A favor? Of me? and who are you to ask such a thing?

-Oh please, said Ex, you don't recognize old friends?

-Old friends?... Wait a second... CARMILLA?!? IS THAT YOU? AND ALUCARD?!?

-Toucher, said Calibur, except, as you know, we died... We somehow found ourselves getting soul linked to Excalibur's host, So I was renamed Calibur and Carmilla became Ex. But anyway, the kid's hometown's under attack by a couple hundred thousand blood thirsty barbarians who calls us demons, so we thought heck, blood, a fight, the permission to go on a blood rage, we gotta get Thanatos in on this joint!

On these words, Thanatos grinned, held out his arm making a big rectangle and pronounced "Camelot". At the name of the town, the rectangle transformed into a portal to the human world and Thanatos told the knights and his two friends Ex and Calibur to pass the portal first.

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MessageSujet: Re: The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions   Sam 7 Déc 2013 - 3:50


Upon arriving to the castle, Thanatos was treated to lordly services and, no need to hide it, most of the castle maids hoped to have a chance to go to his room at night with little to no clothes on, making any and all of his "needs" being accounted for whenever and wherever he wanted.

He was given one of the best rooms and soon, he joined the knights in the round table's room. Immediately spotting Ashton, he understood he was the host of Excalibur, making him the only person he really cared to protect due to his friends being a part of Ashton. Waving his hand, he created an image of the whole Castle and the lands around the castle and after the knights regained composure and understood how useful it would be, they created their plans for the defence of the town.

During and after the siege, researchers would search for information on the Golden Fleece, which was said to make its wearer and their armies invincible, and the Holy Grail, which was said to be one of the keys needed to unlock the full power of the golden fleece.

The defence was prepared, trebuchets were prepared, catapults were built, the oil was boiled and soon, all that remained for the defence to begin were attackers which, according to the scouts, were about two hours away from the castle. The battle for Camelot's freedom, and for payback for the death of their king. A battle where demons and men worked together to push back overwhelming odds. A battle where king Arthur himself allowed women to take arms and protect the city side by side with their brothers, their husbands and their fathers, was about to begin. And in the front line, Arthur, Ex, Calibur and Thanatos would face the enemy forces.

They were all smiling.


Si vous avez tout lut, merci pour le temps que vous y avez utiliser :3

Si vous voudriez des précisions sur certains passages pour mieux comprendre, envoyer moi un MP :3 .

Merci à notre très cher Phil pour m'avoir permit de poster ma petite histoire anglaise ;)

Je placerais la seconde partie éventuellement Razz


Histoire abandonné, Je n'ais plus personne pour qui l'écrire de toute façon .-.
J'ai bien un petit bout de la seconde partie, alors si quelqu'un la veux, je peux bien l'envoyer par mp ou autrement.
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MessageSujet: Re: The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions   

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The sword in the stone: A story of twin proportions

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